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Science, Science-Fiction

The game about evolution and natural selection

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Evolution at your fingertips


Mitosis is your evolutionary sandbox

Real evolutionary processes

Mitosis brings machine learning into an exciting strategy game

The simulation is based on evolutionary algorithms which are normally used to solve complex problems. In this scale a worlds first for a game. Due to our technology the evolution in mitosis is real evolution, no creationism or scripted progress.

Invented by world-class scientists

learn about basic principles that drives nature

Experience the power of chance

Play through the campaign or set up your own experiments.


In Mitosis you can become a cell biologist and use different tools to grow a cell population and manipulate its environment. Through manipulation of the environment the conditions of survival change thus the cells have to adapt to their new surrounding. Unlike from similar games you cannot change the cells genome directly but only influence the chances of survival for certain random mutations. This is what evolution is about in reality: Totally random mutation and natural selection.




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